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A complete rest in an ordinary day


Facilities guide


  - Marshall Bluetooth speaker, Nespresso coffee machine, tea ceremony set, Balmuda the pot (coffee pot), TV, refrigerator, microwave, highlight, WIFI


  - Bedding and towels are always cleaned and replaced.  

  - For stays of 3 nights or more, if requested in advance, bedding and towels will be exchanged and simple room maintenance will be provided.

   (It takes 3-5 hours, so please request it in advance.)

   * For 2 nights stay, bedding and towels are not changed and room maintenance is not carried out.

Independent kitchen

  - The room is equipped with tableware sets, tableware, wine glasses, wine openers, mugs, glasses, and basic cooking utensils suitable for the standard number of people.

  - Due to the wooden structure of the Hanok, the smell of food permeates the wood, so cooking smelly or greasy food in the room (meat, fish, various kinds of stew, fried, seafood, butter, etc.) is prohibited.

   * An additional cleaning fee will be charged for violations.  

Bathroom items

  - Towels, shampoo, body wash, conditioner and hair dryer are provided.

   * Toothbrush and toothpaste are not provided separately.

Heating and cooling facilities

  - Underfloor heating is operated by an oil boiler, please refer to the device user manual for usage.  

   * Yangpyeong 5pm is facing south, so the sun is shining all day long.

   * In winter, it is recommended to set the heating temperature to 22-24 degrees.

Outdoor barbecue

  - A barbecue set is provided separately so that you can enjoy a barbecue in the outdoor grass bar. If you select an option when making a reservation, we will prepare in advance.

   * Provided items: brazier, charcoal (for 4 people), meat net, charcoal tongs, torch

Camping chair and table

  - Camping chairs, tables, and parasols are provided so that you can enjoy a picnic on the outdoor lawn.

Things to note

Check-in & Out

  - Check-in 15:00 Check-out 11:00

   * Please be punctual for the next guests.  

Accommodation rules

  - The basic number of occupants is 4, and visitors other than the number of reservation applicants are prohibited.

  - Our STAY 5PM is the kids zone. (However, due to the characteristics of Hanok, it is recommended to stay at least 5 years old as it may be inconvenient to stay for infants and young children)   

  - Minors not accompanied by a guardian cannot enter the room.

Pets are not allowed

  - All pets are not allowed to accompany. (Excluding companions)


Hanok building management

  - STAY 5PM is composed of materials that are easy to break, such as old wood and Korean paper, so please pay attention to safety and damage.

  - It is prohibited to attach balloons, tapes, or props with glitter to the inside wall of the Hanok for events.  

   * 100% liability for damage to or damage to items in the room due to the negligence of the guest.


  - It is possible to cook simple indoors, but it is not possible to cook food with a strong smell, such as meat or fish.

   * Barbecue is available outside.

Prohibition of handling of flammable substances

  - Absolute non-smoking, including e-cigarettes, in all areas inside and outside the hotel.

  - Since the main material of Hanok is wood, it is forbidden to use candles, incense, butane gas, etc., which may cause fire inside or outside the Hanok.

  - Campfires using firewood are strictly prohibited.

   * There is a smoke detector in the room, and CCTV is installed in the outside yard.

External CCTV operation

  - CCTV is installed in the outside yard for safety.


  - Commercial filming without prior agreement is not allowed. (Advertising, shopping mall, SNS, etc.)

  - Due to the nature of Hanok, there may be insect infestation. (*Refunds are not possible due to this.)

  - As it is located in a quiet town, it is sensitive to noise. Please be careful not to generate excessive noise so as not to disturb the residents.

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