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'STAY 5PM', another attraction on an autumn day, September reservations have been opened now.  

A special day in a peaceful hanok private house on a sunny autumn day.

Prepare your trip to 'STAY 5PM' in autumn by making a reservation now :-)

- The opening schedule from October to December will be announced separately.


​Reservation amount

Fee standard

비수기 주중(일-목)
비수기 주말(금,토)
준성수기 주중(일-목)
준성수기 주말(금,토)
성수기 주중(일-목)
성수기 주말(금,토)
  • Peak season: July, August, December / Semi-peak season: June, September

  • Legal holidays (Children's Day, etc.): Weekend prices are applied during the season. 

  • For other inquiries, please contact Naver Talk Talk.

Reservation and payment

Refund Policy

  • In the case of a refund, the refund amount will be given according to the reference date below.

체크인 14일전까지
체크인 13일전까지
체크인 12일전까지
체크인 11일전까지
체크인 10일전까지
체크인 9일전까지
체크인 8일전까지
체크인 7일전까지
총 결제금액의 100% 환불
총 결제금액의 90% 환불
총 결제금액의 80% 환불
총 결제금액의 70% 환불
총 결제금액의 60% 환불
총 결제금액의 50% 환불
총 결제금액의 40% 환불
변경 / 환불 불가

Cancellation information

  • If you are a non-member, please apply by clicking the [Cancel Reservation] button after confirming your reservation through 'Non-member Reservation Inquiry' (reservation number/contact information required) on the login page of the Stayfolio site.

  • The reservation number can be confirmed through the text message of the reservation guide. If you are unable to confirm, please contact us for your reservation number through the Stayfolio chatbot.

  • If you are a member, please click the Stayfolio - ACCOUNT - My Page - Reservation Information - [Cancellation Request] button.

Reservation information

  • After the reservation request and payment according to the payment method, the reservation is confirmed.

  • If payment is not received within 12 hours of application, the reservation will be cancelled.

  • If the reservation request is duplicated on the same date, the reservation will be confirmed in the order of application, not the order of deposit.

  • Cash receipts can be issued for payment by bank transfer. Please apply at the time of reservation.

  • This is a lodging space, not a shooting studio. Commercial photography and video shooting without prior agreement is not permitted (including advertising photos, product photos, shopping malls, and social media markets). Commercial photography is operated with a separate rental fee.

Information Use

  • Check-in is at 3pm and check-out is at 11am.

  • Please be on time for check-out to clean up the room.

  • Absolutely no smoking (including e-cigarettes) in all areas except for smoking areas within the property. Violations will result in immediate eviction and an additional cleaning fee.

  • Compensation fee will be charged in case of damage to facilities, damage to room furnishings, removal or loss.

  • CCTV is installed outside for guest safety and crime prevention.

  • Commercial photography and video shooting (including advertisements, product photos, shopping malls, and social media markets) and drone photography are not permitted without prior agreement.

  • CCTV is installed outside for guest safety and crime prevention.

Other information


  • When applying for BBQ rental, we will lend you charcoal, grill, torch, tongs, gloves, and scissors.

  • There is a fee for rental. Please check the option item at the time of payment.

​Intermediate cleaning

  • Interim cleaning is available upon request for stays of 3 nights or more.

​Make a reservation

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